Our mission is to help our clients link their finances to their mission and goals. Whether you’re a business owner, CEO or executive director, we know you want your organization to thrive not just today but for many years to come.

At Monica L. Rockwell, LLC, we help you strategize, realize and maximize your organization’s potential.

We are a public accounting firm focused on providing services in the following areas:

  1. Accounting assistance and financial statement preparation services – to assist the organization in adjusting the books and preparing financial statements and/or prepare for an audit.
  2. Contract CFO services – provides expertise and leadership in the finance and accounting function. We act as an external CFO/Controller providing our clients with the tools, systems and support necessary to build a more sustainable organization and help ensure the assets are protected.
  3. IRS Form 990 Preparation and tax compliance for nonprofit organizations.
  4. Internal control analysis and assistance – helps organizations design policies and procedures to help prevent and detect fraud.
  5. Consulting – General business assistance, special projects and financial analysis.